You may possibly starting as a double registration individual in a bachelor’s level plan on any grounds or online: Blue shape, Cumming, Dahlonega, Gainesville or Oconee.

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You may possibly starting as a double registration individual in a bachelor’s level plan on any grounds or online: Blue shape, Cumming, Dahlonega, Gainesville or Oconee.

You will not be guaranteed a course agenda at specific period or spots.

Not sure which major you will need to pick? Take advantage of adhering to devices that can help you set a profession attention and what big would be ideal you.

Work Deadlines

( All deadlines have tight of organization. All boosting reports become expected within fourteen days for the tool due date. )


SAT and ACT test score should directed electronically throughout the institution panel or function. Test results created and printed on twelfth grade or college records will not be established.

You could need the College deck to send your own seated ratings to fund #5497, or your very own ACT results to fund #0848, regardless of which university you would like to enroll in. Sample ratings created and printed on high-school or institution transcripts will never be recognized.

Always monitor your application status essential completing tips 1-5 to make sure there is gotten all necessary records. Look at your software standing.

Q: I won’t receive my personal SAT/ACT results until as soon as the UNG application deadline. What will happen nowadays?A: : You have the approach to take Institutional ACT on our personal pink shape, Dahlonega, Gainesville and Oconee Campuses. The tests are available every couple of weeks. Observe that ratings from institutional exams are usually only advantageous to entrance as well company. Kindly drop by our tests workplace blog for detailed information.

Q: just where will the school program assets we build transfer?A: to many four-year colleges and universities.

Q: just what training are offered for me to take?A: Any classes to which UNG college students can get, along with which you meet with the training course prerequisites. Take note that the twin Enrollment plan will most definately pay for instruction through the approved training number.

Q: After I graduate from senior school, how do you being a student at UNG?A: To continue at UNG after senior high school graduating, you have to complete a double registration plan plan Form because of the stipulated deadline go out for its term and university you wish to consider. You don’t need to carry out a whole new tool for admission or fill out an application costs. Please note that entry to a bachelor’s diploma system is tremendously competitive and therefore entrance is dependent on that year’s customer share. If you’re ineligible for a bachelor’s amount course, you may automatically consider for all the relate amount path aided by the possibility to internally send to a bachelor’s amount application at another time.

Q: How can I schedule simple training?A: You work with the twelfth grade recommendations professional together with your UNG double enrollment specialist.

Q: quantity methods may I take?A: you are likely to simply take numerous classes as you like; however, double registration program will probably pay for as much as 30 financing weeks.

Q: carry out my favorite two enrollment tuition count against my personal DESIRE scholarship limit once I graduate from large school?A: No. WANT addresses 127 debt times for bachelor’s level kids and 90 loan days for link level children. The courses you take while double enrolled should not get rid of your hat.

Q: Can I dual take free gypsy chat the twin registration plan at more than one college/university concurrently?A: Yes. You must make an application for admission to each institution and submit an independent double Enrollment course Student Participation arrangement each business. Dual Enrollment application must pay for required prices, fees and products each and every institution.

Q: happen to be dual-enrollment children allowed to survive campus?A: No, college students engaging in dual-enrollment at UNG commonly entitled to stay the abode halls.

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