International Sex Trafficking: Lady Arrested After Vacation to Morocco

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International Sex Trafficking: Lady Arrested After Vacation to Morocco

A Freestone region woman might arrested in a multi-agency peoples trafficking investigation.

Teague resident Amber Michelle Parker, 37, is detained at her house on Wednesday early morning, January 2, 2019 associated with an alleged attempt to website traffic a minor offshore.

During their arrest, Parker was applied as a 8th quality reading teacher at Mexia ISD.

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“She is on line talking-to several men in Morocco trying to get they setup in which she might take the lady (the sufferer) along with her over around to them,” stated Freestone district Sheriff Jeremy Shipley.

In line with the policeman affidavit, at this lady residence on November 19, Parker started a three-way dialogue on Facebook with two people from Morocco and sent all of them a photograph of sufferer wearing underwear.

The affidavit says: “Parker begins to discu making use of the two males flying to the U . S . to see, and engage in intercourse with both her in addition to sufferer. Throughout discussion, the males are making an effort to bring both Parker as well as the sufferer travel to Casablanca, Morocco to engage in intimate acts, after Parker shows on boys your sufferer is a virgin, and their years.”

The affidavit goes on to declare that discuions of intimate acts and planing a trip to the spot to execute all of them carry on; and during a job interview with law enforcement officials, the sufferer describes that Parker got taking the photos and “telling this lady the jobs to stay in, things to present, and the ways to make photographs keeping the male enthusiastic about their.”

Sheriff Shipley claims the arrest is a group efforts directed by finest detectives Australian Continent making use of the aistance of McLennan district Sheriff Office (MCSO) Detective Joseph Sacramucci.

McLennan state Sheriff Parnell McNamara mentioned FCSO hit out over aist with a poible human trafficking instance, and Sacramucci went along to Freestone region a couple of times, inexperienced December 26th, to meet up with a witne. Investigator Sacramucci also aisted with writing and doing lookup warrants in the event.

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