Curiosity: the storyline of a Mars Rover.If we Were an Astronaut by Eric Braun and look in orbit by Astronaut Serena.

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Curiosity: the storyline of a Mars Rover.If we Were an Astronaut by Eric Braun and look in orbit by Astronaut Serena.

Basically Had Been an Astronaut

If I happened to be an Astronaut by Eric Braun and read in orbit by Astronaut Serena Aunon-Chancellor is lively on the internet! Click on this link to start watching.

Hey-Ho to Mars We Will Get

Hey-Ho to Mars we are going to pass Susan Lendroth and focus in orbit by Astronaut Christina Koch has grown to be stay using the internet! Just click here to begin with enjoying.

Ada fabric Take us to the head (Read in 3 products)

Ada fabric, Take us to the head by Emily Calandrelli with Tamson Weston and focus in revolve by Astronaut Anne McClain has grown to be living using the internet! Click to start viewing.

Khalifa and Amal Check-out Area

Khalifa and Amal visit place by Mohammed bin Rashid place hub, browse in orbit by Astronaut Hazzaa AlMansoori is now dwell online! Follow this link to observe the complete length video clip.

Ada Twist, Researcher

Ada perspective, researcher by Andrea Beaty and focus in orbit by Astronaut Serena Aunon-Chancellor is currently reside online! Follow this link to enjoy the full distance clip.


Mousetronaut – penned by Mark Kelly and read in revolve by Scott Kelly is now are living online! Click on this link to see the total distance training video.

Luciana, Braving the Deep

Luciana, Braving the penetrating – published by Erin Teagan and focus in sphere by Astronaut Serena Aunon-Chancellor has are living on the web! Follow this link to view full amount video clip.

The Objective to Cataria

The goal to Cataria – compiled by Travis Bossard & Mick Szydlowski and look in orbit by Astronaut Richard (Ricky) Arnold has become reside on line! Click the link to observe full size training video.

Noteworthy Notebooks Scientists along with their Writing

Distinguished Notebooks – compiled by Jessica Fries-Gaither and read in revolve by Astronaut Joseph Acaba is now reside on the web! Click the link to look at the full duration movie.

Maximum Visits Mars

Utmost goes toward Mars – written by Jeffrey Bennett and look in scope by Astronaut Mike Hopkins has lively using the internet! View here to take the entire amount video clip.

Rosie Revere, Manufacture

New reserve browsing by Astronaut Kate Rubins Written by Andrea Beaty

Actually Tale Experience

Imagine astronauts browsing posts from space to school offspring and family around the world, in a fantastic new application that combines literature with art knowledge.

Brand-new Browsing!

“Give me some place” by Philip Blunting

Review by Shannon Walker, NASA Astronaut

Una hopes for a being in room. Lifetime on the planet is definitely therefore so-so. Just how will she reach one’s destination? And can she conclude the mission to learn lifestyle in Space? And managed to do she make sure to supply Neil the goldfish?

On May nineteenth 2021, Give Me Some place! had been study to over 1.98 million kiddies across Aussie-land and New Zealand simultaneously by NASA astronaut Shannon Walker – from world Space Station!

State Simultaneous Storytime are arranged annually, with thanks to the Australian Library and Facts group (ALIA). Annually, one ebook is chosen is review concurrently in libraries, colleges, pre-schools, childcare locations, household property, bookshops a lot of other places around Melbourne and brand new Zealand.

You’ll want to view the “Science moment From area” companion videos: sunshine, soil, and place

Acquisition This Ebook

Fascination: The Story of a Mars Rover

Made and Illustrated by: Markus Motum

Perchance you recall as soon as a little robotic spacecraft arrived on a far-off globe. On August 6, 2012, the rover attraction handled down on the rocky area of Mars — so she’s ready to direct you through her trip directly. From strategy to production and past, this fact-filled, trendy reserve introduces customers to Curiosity along with her mission: to uncover about the reddish globe and hunt for evidence of being. Exactly how achieved attention collect this model title? Exactly what technology do she used to initiate them work? In her own own sound, basic NASA rover says to just how and why she traveled greater than 350,000,000 miles to understand more about a planet no people possesses ever before saw . . . and precisely what she’s come accomplishing there. With his first appearance photo publication, Markus Motum provides Curiosity’s journey alive in brilliant color: the strong blues of space set-off the hot, rusted tones of Mars’s messy reddish area, observing this lovely rover and her purpose as something special — really a new separated.

ALIVE Scanning: Willow water Bear

Re-watch all of our very first LIVE history Your Time From place examining within the International universe! Look over as well as astronaut Shannon Walker as we stick to the intense recreation of Willow water hold.

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